Friday, August 20, 2010

Panda anti-virus enquiry?

i have a copy of panda platinum anti-virus 2005 which i got with my computer in the software bundle

i have only decided to use it now so i have a few questions i would like answered it is a year old(but unused),will there be any problems with registration,because it is a 2005 edition it has a firewall on it,do i have to disable my one in sp2,or can i run both

3.will the spyware apts conflict with any of my existing programs(spybot,adaware-se)

4.i have 12 months free services with the disc,will they start from the day i install it?

i also have a copy of norton anti-virus that came with the motherboard chipset drivers disc,so can i put this on my second machine when my existing subscription runs out

anyone used panda before,i would be glad of any feedback

thank you

Panda anti-virus enquiry?antivirus software

1. As long as you have an activation code with the CD you will be able to register it

2. When installed it will disable your Windows XP firewall for you

3. Yes ... you will want to run Panda by itself to avoid conflictions

4. Yes from the day you register is when you subscription will start

5. Not only do I use it I am a Level 2 technician at Panda Software US

Panda anti-virus enquiry?computer virus

Question about Norton Anti virus and virus detection?

I was browsing the internet yesterday and suddenlly I got a window that popped up from my Norton Antivirus software saying that Norton AntiVirus had detected a virus and that it has been immediately deleted. I ran a virus scan afterwards and there were no threats. I've never had this happen before so my question is, do I need to do anything, like go into the Norton and quarantine or do something to make sure my computer is threat-free? Or is it all taken care of? I don't know, it just seems too easy to have the software delete the virus immediately and then that's it!

Question about Norton Anti virus and virus detection?antivirus

Its all taken care of, but you should switch to mozilla firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Mozilla wont allow websites to load files onto your computer the same way that IE does.

Norton Anti-virus- is it necessary?

If I have Spybot Search and Destroy, and if needed I can get Ad-aware and Kaspersky software, is it ok for me to uninstall Norton Anti-virus?

as it is apparently bloatware and slows my computer down

Norton Anti-virus- is it necessary?ariel

Kaspersky will do everything you want, i have it installed on my machine.

Norton Anti-virus- is it necessary?computers

Delete Norton if it will let you,Norton wants to hang in your system hopeing you will pay for the updates etc.

Just incase

Good luck
spybot and adware are COMPLETELY differant then an anti virus software. ONLY and anti-virus software can scan for a virus that is hidden on a file or attachement because there are ''virus definitions'' of all the viruses that have been identified and your program searches for them. If you never download anything or use the net you dont really need it.. a majority of people do. Its a safe bet compared to aving to reinstalled your OS cause your PC crashed
Norton is GARBAGE!!!!! Mainly because its a memory and CPU hog...... However, it does its job better then 90% of the anti-virus products out there today......

But since u have spybot, which is great for spyware, and Destroy( im not sure what that is) u should be great. Just also make sure u have McAfee Site Advisor. Its a free little tool that will help u so much when surfing the net. TRY IT!!!!!

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  • What is error 600?Yahoo Anti-virus wont install!?

    Anti-Virus could not be installed!

    There was a problem verifying Anti-Virus. Error 600. Try to install Anti-Virus at a later time. You can continue with other software selections

    What is error 600?Yahoo Anti-virus wont install!?aurora

    Error 600 means: an operation is pending.

    This is probably due to a hung program running in the background. Use CTRL+ALT+DEL to get the task manager, if there is anything listed with ''not responding'' end task it. If that doesn't help, shut down everything that you don't need. And if that doesn't help either, try restarting the computer.

    Free anti virus???

    anyone know of a good anti virus removal tool that is free?

    It's that my computer seems to have one, and right now I'm a college student having money problems so I can't afford to buy an anti virus removal program


    please give me the link to the software!

    Free anti virus???auto protect

    Of the free antivirus solutions AVG has to be the best :

    Free anti virus???downloads

    Try ''Avast''

    Avast and AVG are good but recent articles suggest the Avira prog is the best. I路ve tried it and it路s fine.
    I have used it on a couple of computer and like it.
    i was told AVG is good
    Get some of these programs listed below.All these software work very well,they are the leaders in the current market.

    Kaspersky anti-virus:


    Kaspersky internet security:


    AVG anti-virus:


    AVG anti-spyware:


    AVG anti-malware:


    AVG Internet Security:


    Norton Anti-Virus 2008:


    Norton 360 All in One Security


    Norton Internet Security 2008 :


    Good luck!
    google for AVG

    Suddenly when I start IE 7 my homepage no longer shows up. There is a page advertising anti-virus an

    There are also baloons that pop up saying that my system is infected and I need to purchase the software to have them removed. I have Norton anti-virus but it doesn't help. How can I get this off my computer?

    Suddenly when I start IE 7 my homepage no longer shows up. There is a page advertising anti-virus and adware.?avast

    This is a pice of add ware. lucky you.

    some company is trying to sell you a pice of software that you do not need. this is due to going to explicit sits or trying to get movies and free stuff on the net.

    try windows defender at

    Suddenly when I start IE 7 my homepage no longer shows up. There is a page advertising anti-virus and adware.?ducati

    sounds like spyware or a virus there the same thing these days.

    if possible reinstall your OS. if not try spybot will remove a lot of adwear x
    Get AVG anti-spyware

    Spybot Search and Destroy



    You have spyware/adware on your computer and those tools will help get rid of it. Anti-Virus software will not rid you of this.
    go to ,,,,,, top right hand side click top freeware pics and get the AVG Free edition

    run the scan and it will remove it,hurry do it now I promise it will work

    also get the CCleaner it can remove a lot of garbage
    This could almost be called a hijack, but it is simple to fix.

    Go to the page you wish to use as home and set as you home page. You can see your current home page using the icon that looks like a small house next to sheet tabs at top. While in there, if you see another homepage that you do not want, simply delete it.
    Click on ''tools'' then '' internet options'' and then choose your favourite home page.

    How can i update my anti virus program without the help of the internet?

    i dont have an internet connection at home, i know that i can update my antivirus program with the help of online updates, Im surfing through the net via internet cafe's, My theory is that ill update the anti virus program of the cafe's then copy the whole software and paste it to my pc at home via usb, but it doesn't work, how can i resolve my problem??

    How can i update my anti virus program without the help of the internet?best antivirus software

    Dear don't get in confusion. The tricks above are not safe because even if you don't use internet than also you need a anti virus program that protects your computer from the unwanted viruses, trojans and malware came along with other data, music, video, software or e-books from any other infected computer. So Use a free antivirus like Avast or AVG free antivirus. You can even get the updates of these softwares in .zip and .exe files You can search for these update files in google but if you don't like to search in google than goto and there you search for your antivirus update. there you will find that definitely. Download it and run it in your PC. your antivirus program will be updated. Or whenever you want updates pls send me a e-mail along with name of antivirus you use. i will send you the link from which you can directly download the updates