Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is a free & reliable anti-virus software?

note that i said free

What is a free %26 reliable anti-virus software?norton antivirus 2007

most of the free ones are ok, but don't do the greatest job on all the problems it detects. most use AVG7.5

What is a free %26 reliable anti-virus software?product key

i think its trend micro, norton anti virus, or avg anti virus
Avasti seems to work well for me, and I use jetico personal firewall. Open source is a great way to go for programs, and they are slowly improving.
The highest rated one right now is AVG 7.5. that version just became available yesterday.
AVG or AVAST are both free, reliable, and good programs.
AVG from Grisoft. Excellent . . . and free.
go to super anti virus, when you down load it you can do free checks and it deletes all problems, only thing is you cant program it to do it autamatically, you have to upgrade it and pay, but if you just do a check with it twice a week, you should have no problems, i use it, and its freeeeeee, x, and its good
It depends on what OS you are running. Most Windows users prefer AVG software, free version. Don't forget to use your firewall too!

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