Friday, August 20, 2010

What is the best anti-virus software in the market today?

avast is the best free one

What is the best anti-virus software in the market today?free anti virus

Norton anti-virus! but sometimes you feel it is too restrictive but I find it the best ... coupled with a router it gives complete protection!

What is the best anti-virus software in the market today?internet security software

mcafee and norton are the best...but norton keeps asking u for updating and some stuff which u will have to pay for....mcafee is better but if u do a system restoration,,,it will show u msg and in that case mcafee wont be able to operate properly
AVG and its free.
norton anti virus
Ez Antivirus.

Mcafee and Norton make system slow.
Best is to not use any.The people who make the programs make most of the new virus to keep them in Biz.Allways empty temp folder and net files after you come offline and history folder too.Have a serperate external hard disk to copy important files music pics videos work related docs and any downloaded programs you have.Reboot your comp every six months back to factory settings and go to windows update to get your updates again.Do not keep passwords in your comp or any credit details.remember everything you do on the internet is available to your internet provider,it cant be washed away.I have worked with computers from Atari st days.
Trend Micro PC-Cillin 2006 works great especially for Internet security

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