Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I need help virus problem i need a best anti virus software name?

In my spare time I test on my backup computer all antispyware/antivirus programs to see if the perform as claimed And especially to see which one have embedded trojans/adware either in their program or in the wizard installer used to guide you through the installation.

What is rate as 1-2-3-4-5 is not always the best. Especially when you can find free programs that are light years ahead in technology over the purchased.

In my computer I use the following free programs.

For antivirus you can only use one or you will have serious conflict with your system. You can use three or four antispyware without any conflict.

Avast in my opinion is the very best. Have you Avast for nine plus years and never had one virus. They are out of Prague. This program is free and has one of the very best background scanner that will catch any virus in real time and destroyed the virus before it can enter you system.

Updates auto., two or three times per day. They will ask you for your email address so they can send you a free key that is good for one year. After one year you only have to request a new key.

Antispyware This company was out of Germany and has since been purchased by AVG. Now the name is AVG antispyware. Still the same program with excellent technolgoy. When you download the program it will come with all functions an if you don't purchase in thirty days they will just remove the background scanner and the auto updates. You will update on a manual basis. Scans all 195,000 objects in my system.

  • automatic stability control
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