Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is a good free anti virus software?

i had one before that was microsoft that had a lil bullseye i got rid of it and i am trying to re find it does anyone know link

What is a good free anti virus software?antivirus protection

The bulls eye was Microsoft antispyware, now replaced with defender. It was not antiviral but checked for spyware and adaware type problems. Read the details below, and this may help you. AVG is excellent and free.

Since the questions you have asked is similar to a lot that appear on answers, I have prepared this to aid you. Topics covered are: Anti virus, Anti spyware, Browsers, e-mail, Word processors, Database, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings and Photo manipulations. All programmes described are free to use, some even for commercial use.


AVG free. Excellent protection available from:

Don't use two antiviral products together as they may be incompatible. If your Antiviral trial has run out, then remove product from your computer and get the AVG installed.


Essential products are: Adaware SE from:

Spybot SD from: or similar, Tucows etc

Spywareblaster 鈥? 鈥? 鈥? 鈥?br> Windows Defender - from Microsoft downloads.

Office Applications

Open Office has an extremely good free to use and distribute product at

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