Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anyone know of any completely free anti virus software?

I see the AVG fanboys and cheerleaders are out in full force again here on Yahoo Answers!

Mostly noobs, the naive, children, and the computer illiterate use AVG Free. These types love AVG because they say it is easy to use and almost never bothers them with any pop-ups or warnings. Of course AVG Free never bothers them, it hardly ever finds any virus to warn them about!

AVG by Grisoft is definitely NOT "The Best". Unfortunately one of the things it is not the best at, is doing what is is supposed to do, detecting viruses!

In short, AVG is crap!

In test,

after test,

after test,

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after test,,130869...

after test,

etc. etc. etc, ad nauseam. AVG has proven itself to be a mediocre performer at best. Absolutely crappy at worst. Missing almost 20%, when trying to detect known malware, in some tests. Not to mention almost non-existent heuristic detection and infrequent "once-a day" updates.

AVG = Average, at best!

There are much better free alternatives, such as Avast, Active Virus Shield, and Avria Anti-Vir.

I like best the AOL Active Virus Shield. Don't let the name AOL fool you. Active Virus Shield is made by Kaspersky which is one of top-rated anti-virus vendors in the world.

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