Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where can I find a decent anti virus software that's free?

have used several but AVG from Grisoft is the best I've found too!

Where can I find a decent anti virus software that's free?avast

I was using AVG, but just downloaded Avast today. It found TWO viruses that AVG did not. Now I have them both. I figure if I think I have a virus and one doesn't catch it, the other will ease my curiousity. I would go with Avast though. It has a LOT more features and options.

Where can I find a decent anti virus software that's free?ducati

AVG ANTIVIRUS. Do a search on Google its good and it works

Get AVG from

Hope this helps!!
Avast has a scanner and virus cleaner. You have to have the free home edition anti-virus software though. I really like this one. I had a win32.sasser on mine and it washed it right out and restored some files. My PC is running smoother now. It also has a kick a$$ database update. The only thing that it doesn't seem to be compatible with is the Adaware software. But that is because it is a data miner. AND on the plus side of things, both the anti-virus and the cleaner are totally free. Yeah, I have the Adaware SE on my computer too. But you can set it up to accept the program as safe file.
this link below will take you to a freeware site when the page opens click on (Anti-Virus Specialized or Anti- Virus Tools) choose the program you want and download it! This a really neat site,I have download numerous programs from this site over the past few years they are clean files! it's a site you can trust!
I would recommend Avast!. It's free and it rivals nortan in all cases and in some out performs. Heres a link to get it
Today, many ISPs bundle free security in with their service packages. I know Earhtlink does with its high speed service, Netscape has a pretty good anti-spyware program with its browser. E-trust EZ Anti-virus has an whole year's free trial.

However, I think $40 or $50 is a small price to pay to keep your computer up and running. Just my opinion, mind you.

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