Saturday, August 7, 2010

How do I get rid of Norton Anti virus software off my computor. Thanks?

It was already on my computor when I had it. It is not in the add or remove section, there is no uninstall icon in any of the folders and I cannot just delete the files. so how do I get rid of this little critter.

How do I get rid of Norton Anti virus software off my computor. Thanks?norton

Remove Norton:

Just so you know you should use some type of antivirus protection.

Removing Symantec / Norton AntiVirus and LiveUpdate

Click on Start and then Control Panel.

In the control panel, double-click on Add / Remove Programs.

Look through the list of installed programs for any item that says

either Symantec, Norton, or LiveUpdate (for example "Symantec

AntiVirus Corporate Edition" or "Norton AntiVirus 2002").

Begin looking for Symantec or Norton items. LiveUpdate should be

done last. For each Symantec, Norton, or LiveUpdate item, select

the item and click Remove or Change / Remove or Add / Remove.

Follow the instructions, and click Yes or Yes to all when prompted.

NOTE: If you attempt to remove LiveUpdate and receive a warning

message about other Symantec applications being registered with

LiveUpdate, click Yes to ignore the warning and remove LiveUpdate.

When you are done, there should be no items in the list that say

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