Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can someone tell me what the best anti-virus software is?

I like pc-illin the best......tho at ttimes it tends to block you from sites that you wanna go to (like myspace) but you can easily over-ride that.

Can someone tell me what the best anti-virus software is?norton internet security 2008


Can someone tell me what the best anti-virus software is?spyware removal

I use most of them everyday, theres no such thing, one I would avoid is Norton and Mcafee.

Panda is a very good one

Kaspersky is another I would suggest.

Most has their advantages but no one make the perfect one.
Actually, there is nothing like best or worst, what i would prefer is Norton antivirus to use
Norton will slow your computer dramatically. Get AVG, Avast, or McAfee. Norton is good, but uses too many resources.
Avast, but there is no best, every virus program has its flaw. I recommend Avast because it integrates well into the window environment, and it run very efficiently. I does not eat up your ram so your computer still runs fast. Lastly it does a good job in protecting my computer so i never get viruses.
Depends on your PC configuration. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and
Well there are a bunch of anti-virus stuff but not all of them work. I would suggest a verry popular anti-virus software like McAfee. Its one of the best anti-virus out there. Don't get norton because they just suck.
I had Norton up until recently, my computer was acting odd and Norton didn't find anything. I d/l AVG free and it found 2 virus, fixed them now my computer is great again!
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